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Health & Safety Training North East

Organisations in the North East can access up to £1,400 in health and safety funding towards a combined one day consultancy visit by our health and safety experts, and our online health & safety video training course.

The health and safety funding, through NBSL's 'Business Support Fund' package, will help ensure your organisation is legally compliant with Health and Safety legislation, and that every member of staff receives adequate health and safety training.

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Online Video Training

Our 'Essential Health and Safety' training programme is an online video course that ensures health and safety awareness and legal compliance for organisations of all types and sizes.

Our course helps to ensure that your organisation, staff and visitors are at least 95% protected against legal action for non compliance.

The course helps employers to:

  • Train staff when most convenient at their place of work without sending them away on courses
  • Meet their legal duty of protecting the health and safety of staff and visitors
  • Automatically record evidence that staff have been inducted, trained and received refresher training
  • Protect themselves from legal action and reduce the likelihood of accidents and claims

The course results in employees:

  • Engaging directly in health and safety relevant to their own work environment in short bite size chunks
  • Carrying out short and targeted practical health and safety exercises
  • Understanding actions the law requires them, and their managers, to take
  • Working safely and without risk

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Our health and safety consultants can visit your organisation in the North East to carry out a one day review and will then generate a 'compliance review' report, guiding your senior team through the steps required to be compliant.

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